Briea (24 x 7 Health Coach)

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Live Workout Sessions

Consisting of Pilates, CrossFit, HIT, Aerobics, Yoga, Meditation and More

Healthy Diet

For Weight Loss, Disease Management and Enriched Nutrition

Disease Management

Control Life Style Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Conditions, Lung Disease and More

Your Voice enabled Wellness Coach

Briea is a first of its kind Voice enabled Wellness Coach. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, improve fitness, tone up, get heathier, change lifestyle, have balanced diet, or manage your current health condition better - Briea would help you. The most exciting part about Briea is that, she works with you proactively. You do not really need to remember anything, Briea takes care of that.

If it’s time for you to measure weight, have blood sugar, blood pressure, A1C or any other test done - Briea would ask for that. Interaction with Briea is a very friendly affair. At any stage you can ask about any information related with your health indicators. Importantly she keeps on learning not only on healthcare but also on language.

The Solution

Briea is a one stop solution for a healthier and a fitter life. Briea addresses all the issues that a person faces and accommodates the solution in one single application. Getting fit and healthy gives a person a better lifestyle and improves their quality of life.

Briea is just a tap away. Any time! Any place! 24x7! With people now able get a diet plan on their mobile phones, they don't need to spend their time in commute and get their diet plans right on their mobile devices.

But what separates Briea from other applications? All other applications follow a reactive approach of communication and interact through text and expect you to type in your response but not Briea.

Briea is a proactive application that will initiate interaction and follow up with the user during the day about the status of their diet.

With Briea you can also initiate communication anytime during the day or night and get information about your diet plan or even general health tips. Briea also has a unique notification tone, it's all voice.

the solution

Plans for Everyone

₹900/ month

Workout For Wellness & Fitness

You can select your own format from Pilate, Crossfit, Aerobics & Yoga.

Provides Live Workout Sessions from our Qualified Fitness Trainers.

Useful to people who want to keep healthy and fit.

₹1,800 / month

Customized Weight Loss Diet Plan

Provides customized diet suggestions supported by weekly consultations with a Team of Expert Nutrition Coaches.

Useful to people who are looking for personal attention and monitoring from our coaches.

₹2,430/ month

Customized Weight Loss Diet and Workout Plan.

Provides customized diet suggestions and fitness schedule supported by weekly consultations with Expert Nutrition Coaches and Fitness Professionals.

Useful to people who are looking for personal attention and monitoring by our coach to achieve weight loss.

₹1,080/ month

Smart Diet & Workout Plan Powered by AI

Provides customized diet and fitness supported by weekly consultations with Briea AI and more.

Helps in management of weight, flexibility of body, better sleep and much more.

₹3,600/ month

Basic Disease Management With Nutrition.

All this occurs due to unbalanced food intake, wrong choices, and the wrong combination of foods.

This Disease Management Program with Nutrition will help you change your lifestyle disorders.

But with Briea, you will be guided to perfect nutrition, keeping your lifestyle disorders in check and helping you manage them.

₹4,860/ month

Basic Disease Management with Nutrition and Workout.

Disease Management with Nutrition and Workout will help you change your lifestyle disorders, unbalanced food intake and wrong choices of food.

Yoga heals oneself from within and manages the hormonal imbalances while keeping one active.

It is said that those who practice yoga on a daily basis are able to manage their health in a better way.

Some of Our Customer's Words

Customers have great things to say

I started my workout with Briea more than 8 months back. It is too addictive, do not like to miss any session. After 3 months of workout I noticed that I have gained not only endurance but there is also improvement in my muscle strength. My body fat percentage is reduced in a noticeable manner with significant reduction in body measurements. Now I feel energetic throughout the day. I am thankful to all trainers and the technology being used by them.

Heena Dholakia

I started using Briea for Weight Reduction Plan. What I liked the most is during diet plan I never felt like to have weakness, all along I remained energetic. Importantly Nutritionists take care of our cooking method and suggest diet accordingly, I never needed any recipe for making food. So easy!!!

Jhanvi Bhatt

I am totally enjoying the sessions with BRIEA and all the trainers. It is my first-time doing Yoga and I absolutely love doing it because it is being taught in a certain way which let's us learn in a perfect way and I look forward to keep doing it for a long time.

Nairuti Ramani

I started attending live yoga session by BRIEA and I feel more flexible and energetic all day. I also feel more at peace mentally which, helps me to stay calm and focused on work.

Nita Shukla

Your Yoga session leads us to spiritual level with physical exercise. You also tell us about the exact position of our organ while doing exercise so i can say that I am doing Yoga in real sense. You are taking care of each and every small thing. I really enjoy the sessions as the techniques are innovative.

Dimple Shah

The programme is run and conducted by a great team, under the banner of “BRIEA”. It is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. It was good blend of meditation, yoga, and preaching the principals of a healthy Lifestyle. Various approaches, like Diet, Yoga, and Meditation are the ultimate practises. It stimulates our inner light and quiets our overactive minds. It is both energy and rest. Yin and Yang. We feel the burn and find our bliss. I wish to mention the good coordination and support by the coordinator and arranging of very knowledgeable and experienced yoga teachers. They study each member's health condition, age, and other influencing aspects while framing the yoga meditation programme. They modify programmes on a needbasis, which is an important and positive sign. It was such great and ‘wonderful experience with Briea.

Mr. and Mrs Sheth

I am Practicing Yoga daily for an hour since one and half month. It has changed my body language and everyday recharges my body after waking up in the morning. Thanks to our Yoga mentors who encourages me to focus on my health. Yoga has become my ritual which keeps me energetic throughout the day.

Sarvagna Dave

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